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Friday, 19 February 2016

156 Art Doll Lilac Dreams

 A Fairy of a Lilac Dream.
Here I wanted to show the moment of falling asleep. It’s the moment when your brain is ceasing controlling your thoughts and some free fancy images start arriving. I love this moment so much! On her back you can see the very beginning of her fancy dreams. Her imagination brings fantastic dark plants into her dream. To depict this I used fibers of different thicknesses, glitter and strasses.
The Fairy is getting relaxed and peaceful. She looks very tired and being unable to reach her bed, she sat down to rest and fell asleep. Her feet are in a touching positions facing each other. Girls usually avoid such childish poses, but the dream has already captured her and is mastering her brain. Her elbows will soon slip from her lap. Yes, this is the true point of falling asleep!
I think I’ve managed to show what I conceived.
I do hope you will appreciate my work. Thank you!

#femaleartist, #claydoll, #polymerclay, #polymersculpture, #fantasy, #fairytale
#artdoll, #ooak, #ooakartdoll, #sculpture,  #fairy, #handmade, #iadr,  ‪#‎handsculpted  ‪#‎uniquedoll‬  #elf #elfin #pixie
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Female artist, clay doll, polymer clay, polymer sculpture, fantasy, fairytale,
art doll, ooak, ooak art doll, sculpture,  fairy, hand made,‎hand sculpted  ,‪‎unique doll‬, elf, elfin, pixie,
wings,  mermaid, baby mermaid, wall decor

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